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Total GSM is a business specialized in the repair of communications equipment, located at 57 rue d’Auron, 18000 Bourges, registered at the RM of Bourges under the SIRET number: 82877090900012, APE: 9512Z, mail: totalgsm.france@gmail.com and phone:

« Customer » or « Buyer » represents the beneficiary of the « services / repairs » requested to Total GSM.

« Services / Repairs » means the services delivered to the « customer » by Total GSM.

ARTICLE 2 – SITE PROPERTY: acceptance of the conditions of use

These general conditions of use (the « General Conditions of Repair ») apply to the Total GSM website at www.totalgsm.fr. The Site is the property of Total GSM and its licensors. All texts, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, photographs, trademarks, logos, illustrations appearing on the Site are the property of Total GSM, and are protected by the legislation on commercial packaging, copyright, patents and trademarks, and various other applicable laws relating to intellectual property and unfair competition. No part of the Site or any Content may be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, published, exhibited in public, encoded, translated, transmitted or otherwise disseminated (including by « mirror writing ») on any other computer, server, website or publication or broadcast medium, or for any commercial enterprise whatsoever without the prior written consent of Total GSM.




When sending your devices, the backup of your data must have been already done. Total GSM can not be held responsible for any reason whatsoever of the data stored in your device, especially in the form of software or files of any kind, which would be damaged and / or lost totally or partially. As a result, the customer will take all precautions to ensure the prior safeguarding of his personal data.

The buyer must present and indicate to Total GSM in the « SAV TOTAL GSM » section the following: any technical documentation relating to the product that is subject of the intervention, any information required by Total GSM for its intervention, such as license numbers and identification codes.

The buyer agrees to conduct a physical examination of the equipment in accordance with the manufacturers and / or distributors specifications and safety standards.

The buyer acknowledges being informed that any intervention on its equipment, made by Total GSM, itself or a third person irrevocably causes the breach of the warranty of the manufacturer and / or the distributor and / or supplier from which he acquired his equipment and to which the Total GSM guarantee is not a substitute.


Total GSM will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft during the transportation of the equipment. The buyer is obliged to use a means of transport with follow-up and / or insurance. No claim will be accepted.


Upon receipt of your package, the equipment will be repaired by the technician and will be re-sent within 24/48 hours, depending on the quantity ordered. The delay can be extended if there are complications. You will always be informed at each step (upon receipt of the package, on return you will have the tracking number). Each device is handled and repaired in order of arrival. Therefore, no claim can be made in case of delay of the technical service. If the delay is not suitable for the customer, Total GSM will re-send him the device, on simple request, but the customer will be paying the costs this action has engendered. If Total GSM didn’t finish the repair within a period of three (3) weeks and the buyer wishes to recover his device, no estimate will be charged, but only the shipping costs.


Our repairs are guaranteed for three (3) months.

Total GSM guarantees all repairs on the motherboard for 3 months. Any claim on services or repairs must be made within this time on presentation of the invoice. Any claim made outside this period can not be accepted. The commercial contractual warranty covers the manual labor, spare part or parts changed during the repair.

In case of return under warranty, for a repair performed by us, the manual labor will be supported by Total GSM for a period of 3 months from the date of receipt of the material by the buyer, the invoice being proof. After this period, the manual labor cost will be the charge of the buyer.

The warranties do not cover the consequences of the abnormal and non-compliant use of products originating from the intervention of the buyer or repairer other than Total GSM. Any guarantee is void in case of misuse or negligence attributable to the customer. There will be no guarantee from Total GSM in case of modification of equipment, accident or shock, deliberate deterioration, damage caused by water, fire, humidity, lightning. No guarantee will be applicable in case of abnormal use.

In the event of immobilization of the device for repair, any period of immobilization of the good of at least five (5) days is added to the duration of the guarantee which remained on the date when the device was available and usable, if it is posterior to this one. Practically, the warranty period begins upon receipt of the repaired material, by the buyer. The intervention and repair times depend on the time needed to supply the parts needed to repair the device.

If, within the period of 3 (three) months, the buyer has a claim to make and Total GSM is on vacation, the days of vacation will be added to the deadline and the buyer may make the claim after the vacation.

At the end of the commercial contractual guarantee, and during the period during which Total GSM will be able to obtain the parts, new or used, necessary for the repair of the concerned devices, or will have these parts in its stocks, Total GSM will assure, if it is appropriate for the buyer, the repair of the device according to the conditions and prices displayed in the site of Total GSM on the day of the request for service. These conditions and prices will be communicated to the Buyer on request from him, the day of an after-sales service request for the device specified above. The shipping cost and return insurance will be in the charge of the Buyer if he returns the equipment to the Total GSM for repair, even if the repair is guaranteed.

If the customer only sends the motherboard, Total GSM is not responsible for the assembly and mounting did after the repair. During assembly, the customer can reverse the screws or he can manipulate the motherboard under electrical voltage, and create a short circuit, so the motherboard can deteriorate. It is therefore advisable that the customer sends the complete phone. Before returning the motherboard (or phone) to the customer, Total GSM will always test it entirety only if the access codes will be provided. Otherwise, the motherboard will be partially tested.


In case of returning a device which under warranty, for a repair made by us, shipping costs and return insurance will be in the charge of the Buyer if he returns the equipment to Total GSM for repair.


Any device repair comes with an estimate, billed to the customer at the prices and conditions appearing in the catalog made available to the customer on the site. From the date of issue of the estimate, the buyer has a period of 30 days to accept the estimate that will be sent. If the customer accepts the repair, the amount of the estimate will be deducted from the invoice (besides when there is a hidden problem of the device). If the buyer refuses the repair, the quote will be billed according to the price announced on the website.