Total GSM – No.1 in iPhone and iPad Motherboard Repair

With more than 5 years of experience, we offer high quality services, the success rate of repairs being evaluated at 90%.

This service will allow you to have your iPhone repaired if it has this problem:

If the connector of your Apple iPhone 7 is broken, broken or damaged, we can replace it.

The price is for replacement of one of the connectors:

– Battery connector
– LCD / Touch connector
– Charging connector
– Rear camera connector
– Button connector ON / OFF / volume / vibrator / audio jack
– Speaker / front camera button connector
– Network antenna connector / WIFI

How it works ?

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Téléchargez, imprimez et remplissez ce document (cliquez pour télécharger le document PDF) : SAV TOTAL GSM PDF

Envoyez le colis (le matériel bien emballé et la fiche complétée), à notre adresse: TOTAL GSM, 152 Impasse des Marjolaines, 83480 Puget sur Argens.Upon receipt of your package, the equipment will be repaired by the technician and will be re-sent in 24/48 hours, depending on the ordered quantity. The delay can be extended if there are complications. You will always be informed at each step (upon receipt of the package, on return you will have the tracking number).
Receive your equipment at home according to the chosen delivery method.
If for any reason, the motherboard is not repairable, you will be refunded of the total amount paid, excluding diagnosis (10 €) and delivery costs.

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